Keep Safe And Warm This Winter With A Cast Iron Radiator

30 November 2021  |  Admin

Keep Safe And Warm This Winter With A Cast Iron Radiator

Our cast iron radiators are the perfect way to heat your period home in a manner in keeping with the historic style of the building. More recently, they have also become a popular addition to urban, industrial-style renovations, due to their style and functionality. You can read more about this in a previous blog


Keeping your home, or any space that you frequent for long periods of time, at a suitable temperature is not only important for comfort, but it is also crucial to maintaining your health.


Read on to discover how being at a consistently low temperature can have a negative impact on both your mental and physical health. 


Physical Health


Firstly, we need to establish what is meant by a suitable temperature. Research from Public Health England concludes that in order to minimise potential health risks, a minimum temperature of 18°C should be maintained at all times. If an establishment is colder than this, you may be more likely to experience health problems..


Circulatory Diseases - When exposed to low temperatures, our blood vessels constrict in an attempt to keep us warmer. In the short term, this is in no way problematic, however, if this continues it increases the possibility of suffering from heart disease and strokes, as constant vasoconstriction elevates our blood pressure.


Viral Infections - It is an old wives’ tale that getting cold can give you a cold, however, there is a connection between lower temperatures and the spread of viral infections. A number of peer reviewed studies have concluded that viruses are able to survive and multiply more efficiently in colder temperatures. Therefore, a poorly heated home results in higher risk of such illnesses.


Damp And Mould - Ineffectual heating over time increases the likelihood of damp and mold developing. Mold spores are well-known to irritate the throat, and prolonged exposure can lead to greater respiratory distress and illnesses.


Mental Health


As well as damaging our physical health, spending a protracted amount of time in a poorly heated establishment can be detrimental to our mental health, increasing rates of anxiety and depression.


This is evidenced by, among other things, a 2017 study that found that housing improvements, which resulted in effective heating, reduced mental distress significantly. Furthermore, research conducted by the charity Mind found that 4 out of 5 individuals stated that their poor-quality, cold housing exacerbated their mental health difficulties.


Why Choose A Period House Cast Iron Radiator?


Using only the highest grade of cast iron means that our radiators are built to retain heat for long periods of time. Therefore, they can easily keep your building at a consistent, safe temperature, unlike their steel counterparts, which lose heat rapidly.


As they maintain their temperature so effectively, our radiators enable you to turn off your heating sooner, whilst still warming the space. This can result in lower heating bills.


These factors make a Period House cast iron radiator ideal for the larger, high-ceilinged rooms often found in period properties. 


Let us help to keep you warm and healthy this winter!


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