Ca Pietra Limestone Flooring

Ca Pietra have an extensive hand picked selection of limestone flooring.

Free of Charge samples are available from Period House Store.

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Beaulieu Limestone Velvet Finish

Beaulieu Limestone Velvet Finish£125.00

Bellemont Limestone Seasoned Finish

Bellemont Limestone Seasoned Finish£98.00

Bergamo Limestone Honed Finish

Bergamo Limestone Honed Finish£67.66  -  £73.80

Bergamo Limestone Tumbled Finish

Bergamo Limestone Tumbled Finish£67.66  -  £79.96

Blanc Limestone Honed Finish

Blanc Limestone Honed Finish£76.26  -  £92.26

Calcot Limestone Tumbled Finish

Calcot Limestone Tumbled Finish£66.00

Carnaby Limestone Tumbled Finish

Carnaby Limestone Tumbled Finish£95.00

Charterhouse Limestone Tumbled Finish

Charterhouse Limestone Tumbled Finish£99.00

Corfe Limestone Tumbled Finish

Corfe Limestone Tumbled Finish£58.50  -  £85.00

Denham Limestone Seasoned Finish

Denham Limestone Seasoned Finish£59.94

Eiffel Limestone Tumbled Finish

Eiffel Limestone Tumbled Finish£119.00

Farley Limestone Seasoned Finish

Farley Limestone Seasoned Finish£59.94  -  £61.44

Farley Limestone Worn Finish

Farley Limestone Worn Finish£49.00  -  £69.00

Hamlet Limestone Etched Finish

Hamlet Limestone Etched Finish£72.50  -  £92.26

Hamlet Limestone Tumbled Finish

Hamlet Limestone Tumbled Finish£61.44  -  £79.96

Hazlebury Limestone Seasoned Finish

Hazlebury Limestone Seasoned Finish£92.26

Huntingdon Limestone Worn Finish

Huntingdon Limestone Worn Finish£92.26

Lucca Limestone Brick Tumbled Finish

Lucca Limestone Brick Tumbled Finish£59.95

Lucca Limestone Brick Velvet Finish

Lucca Limestone Brick Velvet Finish£79.96

Lucca Limestone Tumbled Finish

Lucca Limestone Tumbled Finish£59.95  -  £79.96

Lucca Limestone Velvet Finish

Lucca Limestone Velvet Finish£79.96  -  £88.56

Lunar Limestone Tumbled Finish

Lunar Limestone Tumbled Finish£98.34

Medieval Bourgogne Limestone Weathered Finish

Medieval Bourgogne Limestone Weathered Finish£183.00  -  £195.00

Metropolitan Slate Riven Finish

Metropolitan Slate Riven Finish£43.00  -  £61.44

Neranjo Limestone Distressed Finish

Neranjo Limestone Distressed Finish£120.00

Neranjo Limestone Honed Finish

Neranjo Limestone Honed Finish£70.00  -  £81.00

Neranjo Limestone Seasoned Finish

Neranjo Limestone Seasoned Finish£90.00  -  £110.00

Neranjo Limestone Tumbled & Etched Finish

Neranjo Limestone Tumbled & Etched Finish£79.96  -  £105.00

Neranjo Limestone Tumbled Finish

Neranjo Limestone Tumbled Finish£67.66  -  £81.18

Tamworth Limestone Vintaged Finish

Tamworth Limestone Vintaged Finish£69.95

Tyrone Limestone Seasoned Finish

Tyrone Limestone Seasoned Finish£61.50

Tyrone Limestone Tumbled Finish

Tyrone Limestone Tumbled Finish£49.14  -  £61.44

Umbria Limestone Tumbled Finish

Umbria Limestone Tumbled Finish£61.50

Villandry Limestone Weathered Finish

Villandry Limestone Weathered Finish£120.00

Weltzner Limestone Brick Satino Finish

Weltzner Limestone Brick Satino Finish£110.00

Weltzner Limestone Satino Finish

Weltzner Limestone Satino Finish£110.00  -  £175.00

Wexford Blue Limestone Semi Honed Finish

Wexford Blue Limestone Semi Honed Finish£70.00  -  £75.00

Zuber Limestone Tumbled Finish

Zuber Limestone Tumbled Finish£84.88

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Page 1 of 1:    40 Items