Ca Pietra Statement Porcelain and Ceramic

Offering a similar look and feel to natural stone, our Ca Pietra porcelain and ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of patterns, prints and statement styles for a decorative look. Suitable for walls and floors, they can add instant wow factor to any decor - Available direct from Period House Store - UK Leading Distributors

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Avebury Ceramic Milk White

Avebury Ceramic Milk White£82.88  -  £84.48

Avebury Ceramic Parchment

Avebury Ceramic Parchment£82.88  -  £84.48

Avebury Ceramic Plaster

Avebury Ceramic Plaster£82.88  -  £84.48

Avebury Ceramic Stone

Avebury Ceramic Stone£82.88  -  £84.48

Avebury Ceramic Teal

Avebury Ceramic Teal£82.88  -  £84.48

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Emerald

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Emerald£10.80

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Ultramarine

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Ultramarine£10.80

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Grey

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Grey£10.80

Kennet Porcelain Aqua

Kennet Porcelain Aqua£59.04

Kennet Porcelain Bottle Green

Kennet Porcelain Bottle Green£59.04

Kennet Porcelain Chalk White

Kennet Porcelain Chalk White£59.04

Kennet Porcelain Navy

Kennet Porcelain Navy£59.04

Kennet Porcelain Sky

Kennet Porcelain Sky£59.04

Kennet Porcelain Ash

Kennet Porcelain Ash£59.04

Rococo Mirror Decorative Tile

Rococo Mirror Decorative Tile£7.99

Moroccan Impressions Monastery Floor Tiles

Moroccan Impressions Monastery Floor Tiles£49.15

Moroccan Impressions Retro Floor Tiles

Moroccan Impressions Retro Floor Tiles£49.15

Brooklyn Embossed Ceramic Painted

Brooklyn Embossed Ceramic Painted£65.35

Brooklyn Embossed Ceramic Pewter

Brooklyn Embossed Ceramic Pewter£65.35

Camden Ceramic Aqua

Camden Ceramic Aqua£44.80

Camden Ceramic Green

Camden Ceramic Green£44.80

Camden Ceramic Light Tan

Camden Ceramic Light Tan£44.80

Camden Ceramic White

Camden Ceramic White£36.00

Carter Ceramic Azure

Carter Ceramic Azure£35.64

Carter Ceramic Ecru

Carter Ceramic Ecru£35.64

Carter Ceramic Grey

Carter Ceramic Grey£35.64

Carter Ceramic Rose

Carter Ceramic Rose£35.64

Carter Ceramic Smoke

Carter Ceramic Smoke£35.64

Carter Ceramic White

Carter Ceramic White£35.64

Cheltenham Porcelain Charlton

Cheltenham Porcelain Charlton£45.00

Cheltenham Porcelain Hatherley

Cheltenham Porcelain Hatherley£45.00

Cheltenham Porcelain Lansdowne

Cheltenham Porcelain Lansdowne£45.00

Cheltenham Porcelain Lynworth

Cheltenham Porcelain Lynworth£45.00

Cheltenham Porcelain Montpellier

Cheltenham Porcelain Montpellier£45.00

Cheltenham Porcelain Pittville

Cheltenham Porcelain Pittville£45.00

Cheltenham Porcelain Prestbury

Cheltenham Porcelain Prestbury£45.00

Cheltenham Porcelain Rowenfield

Cheltenham Porcelain Rowenfield£45.00

Cheltenham Porcelain Whaddon

Cheltenham Porcelain Whaddon£45.00

Inker Porcelain Grey

Inker Porcelain Grey£54.80

Moroccan Impressions Arte Porcelain

Moroccan Impressions Arte Porcelain£49.12

Neapolitan Porcelain Black

Neapolitan Porcelain Black£61.50

Parisian Cafe Angelina Porcelain

Parisian Cafe Angelina Porcelain£74.75

Parisian Cafe Flore Porcelain

Parisian Cafe Flore Porcelain£74.75

Parisian Cafe Lilas Porcelain

Parisian Cafe Lilas Porcelain£74.75

Parisian Cafe Paix Porcelain

Parisian Cafe Paix Porcelain£74.75

Parisian Cafe Tri Porcelain

Parisian Cafe Tri Porcelain£74.75

Seaton Ceramic Candy Floss

Seaton Ceramic Candy Floss£61.20

Seaton Ceramic Deep Sea

Seaton Ceramic Deep Sea£61.20

Seaton Ceramic High Tide

Seaton Ceramic High Tide£61.20

Seaton Ceramic Ocean Mist

Seaton Ceramic Ocean Mist£61.20

Seaton Ceramic Oyster

Seaton Ceramic Oyster£61.20

Seaton Ceramic Rock Pool

Seaton Ceramic Rock Pool£61.20

Seaton Ceramic Sky

Seaton Ceramic Sky£61.20

Seaton Ceramic Sunshine

Seaton Ceramic Sunshine£61.20

Seaton Ceramic Surf

Seaton Ceramic Surf£61.20

Seaton Ceramic White Sands

Seaton Ceramic White Sands£61.20

Spitalfields Chester Ceramic

Spitalfields Chester Ceramic£49.20

Spitalfields Nijar Ceramic

Spitalfields Nijar Ceramic£49.20

Spitalfields Rabat Blue Ceramic

Spitalfields Rabat Blue Ceramic£49.20

Spitalfields Retro Star Blue Ceramic

Spitalfields Retro Star Blue Ceramic£49.20

Spitalfields Retro Star Black Ceramic

Spitalfields Retro Star Black Ceramic£49.20

Spitalfields Retro Star Oxide Ceramic

Spitalfields Retro Star Oxide Ceramic£49.20

Spitalfields Retro Star Sage Ceramic

Spitalfields Retro Star Sage Ceramic£49.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Blush

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Blush£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Deep Blue

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Deep Blue£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Grey Blue

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Grey Blue£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Mint Green

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Mint Green£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Teal Blue

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Teal Blue£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Tempest

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Tempest£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Verdigris

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Verdigris£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic White

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic White£13.20

Bazaar Ceramic Alabaster

Bazaar Ceramic Alabaster£51.98

Bazaar Ceramic Aqua

Bazaar Ceramic Aqua£51.98

Bazaar Ceramic Burgundy

Bazaar Ceramic Burgundy£51.98

Bazaar Ceramic Colonial Blue

Bazaar Ceramic Colonial Blue£51.98

Bazaar Ceramic Moss Green

Bazaar Ceramic Moss Green£51.98

Bazaar Ceramic Pattern Multi

Bazaar Ceramic Pattern Multi£86.87

Bazaar Ceramic Rose Mallow

Bazaar Ceramic Rose Mallow£51.98

Bazaar Ceramic White

Bazaar Ceramic White£51.98

Brompton Borough Porcelain

Brompton Borough Porcelain£33.80

Brompton Clarence Porcelain

Brompton Clarence Porcelain£33.80

Brompton Kensington Porcelain

Brompton Kensington Porcelain£33.80

Brompton Underground Porcelain

Brompton Underground Porcelain£33.80

Brompton Walton Porcelain

Brompton Walton Porcelain£33.80

Mono Hex Porcelain Blanc

Mono Hex Porcelain Blanc£6.77

Mono Hex Porcelain Daisy

Mono Hex Porcelain Daisy£7.16

Mono Hex Porcelain Noir

Mono Hex Porcelain Noir£6.77

Nova Porcelain Admiral

Nova Porcelain Admiral£65.76

Nova Porcelain Cloud

Nova Porcelain Cloud£65.76

Nova Porcelain Custard

Nova Porcelain Custard£65.76

Nova Porcelain Graphite

Nova Porcelain Graphite£65.76

Nova Porcelain Peacock

Nova Porcelain Peacock£65.76

Nova Porcelain Powder Blue

Nova Porcelain Powder Blue£65.76

Venice Porcelain Blue

Venice Porcelain Blue£58.80  -  £64.90

Venice Porcelain Ocean

Venice Porcelain Ocean£58.80  -  £64.90

Venice Porcelain Rose

Venice Porcelain Rose£58.80  -  £64.90

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