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Larders & Cupboards

Below is a selection of our furniture made predominately from reclaimed pine. All our furniture is handmade in North Yorkshire and can be made to your specific size, and style. If you want a different look contact us and we can provide you with a quote. All our furniture is painted using Little Green Paints and you can specify any of their colours, colour cards available on request.

Nationwide Delivery Service.

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Single Larder Unit

Single Larder Unit£850.00

Top Seller
Double Larder Unit

Double Larder Unit£1,795.00

Column Fronted Larder Unit

Column Fronted Larder Unit£1,995.00

Glazed Food Cupboard

Glazed Food Cupboard£895.00

Vented Vicorian Food Cupboard

Vented Vicorian Food Cupboard£1,490.00

Triple Larder Unit

Triple Larder Unit£2,295.00

Triple Glazed Food Cupboard

Triple Glazed Food Cupboard£1,325.00

Pantry Unit Glazed

Pantry Unit Glazed£2,575.00

Larder Unit Round End

Larder Unit Round End£2,465.00

Spice Drawer Sideboard

Spice Drawer Sideboard£990.00

Basket Sideboard

Basket Sideboard£1,050.00

Gallery Basket Sideboard

Gallery Basket Sideboard£735.00

Sideboard 2 Door

Sideboard 2 Door£595.00

Sideboard 2 Door 2 Drawer

Sideboard 2 Door 2 Drawer£675.00

Low 3 Drawer 2 door Sideboard

Low 3 Drawer 2 door Sideboard£540.00

Sideboard 3 Door 3 Drawer

Sideboard 3 Door 3 Drawer£820.00

Lockers 2 x 3

Lockers 2 x 3£645.00

Lockers Stepped

Lockers Stepped£645.00

Wine rack 20 Bottles

Wine rack 20 Bottles£325.00


Page 1 of 1:    29 Items
Cast Iron Radiators