Arroll Radiator Valves

Arroll Radiator Valves Explained

Arroll radiator valves are used on Arroll radiators. But what type of valve do you need for your radiators? People often either forget to order radiator valves or order the wrong type of valve for their radiator. As there is a huge range of radiator available valves on the market, it is understandable why people find it easy to buy the wrong ones. Find out everything you need to know here.

Manual cast iron radiator valves are more traditional and work like a tap. You just turn the top of the valve to control the water flow into (and thus heat from) your radiator. Thermostatic radiator valves for your cast iron radiators are referred to as ‘TRV’s’. They control the amount of water entering a radiator. TRV’s differ from manual valves as they are able to self-regulate. They take into account the ambient room temperature, ensuring the radiator maintains the room at your desired temperature, ensuring maximum efficiency. The third type of valve you could use is a lockshield valve. Lockshield valves control the amount of water that flows back out of the radiator. These can balance the radiator to ensure the water is evenly distributed between your whole central heating system. Angled vs straight valves. Straight radiator valves join the radiator to your central heating pipework on a horizontal plain. Angled valves, allow you to join the pipework at an angle, up to 90°. The best type of valve for your radiator depends upon the position of your radiator, their valve inlets and the pipes your radiator feeds off.

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