Arroll Radiator

Arroll Radiator - Feature Looks For Radiators

Arroll radiator systems come in all shapes and sizes and combine modern heating technology with period style and elegance. With traditional cast iron column radiators, towel warmers and cast iron covers, there are a plethora of options waiting for you to discover for your period home.

Before delving into choices of style and finishes, the most important thing to consider is the heat output you need. This is measured in BTU’s or British Thermal Units. You need to make sure the cast iron radiator is of sufficient size and power for each room. This has the biggest impact on the size and style that is best for your room. Use an online BTU calculator to do this. To find the most authentic designs, you should look for companies specialising in reproduction or reclaimed cast iron radiators. Make sure it’s one that is either expertly reproduced, such as Arroll or Carron radiators, or one that has been properly reclaimed. Manufacturers like Arroll make classic styles, but in specific sizes and heat outputs, something that is difficult to find on the reclaimed market. These also come in a range of finishes, styles and colours, which is great for finding the right product for your home. Today, heated towel rails have gone from luxury to commonplace and there are as large a range of designs as there are with radiators. You can even find designs that perfectly fit with a period home. Most come with flexible dual controls meaning they can be turned on and off independently of your central heating system.

Whatever your choice of radiators including Arroll radiator, or heated towel rails at we have the right radiator for you. Visit The Period House Store online and see our selection of period pieces. Call our sales team today, 01748 821 500, for more information on our products.