Arroll Radiators

Arroll Radiators - Are Cast Iron Radiators As Efficient As Modern Designs?

Arroll Radiators, how efficient are they? Whether you already have a period property or are considering redesigning your existing home to reflect a more traditional style you might be considering installing period features such as radiators made of cast iron. But how do cast iron radiators compare to their modern, energy efficient, counterparts?

In general, cast iron radiators have a much greater internal liquid volume than modern equivalents, such as a flat panel radiator. Your hot water boiler will have to work harder and for longer to heat up a cast iron radiator, they are not as instant as modern equivalents. However, this is offset by cast iron radiators having a much longer lasting overall heating time. The nitty-gritty is that whilst it takes longer for iron radiators to heat up, they take a similarly longer period to cool down. Over a full cycle, from switching your central heating on to when the effect of the heat has dissipated, the two types of radiator are almost equivalent in efficiency and running costs. Today, most radiator designs, whether cast iron, aluminium or steel are created with energy efficiency in mind; the material they are made off has a much smaller effect on energy bills. What matters most in home energy efficiency are other components of your central heating system. A modern boiler will always be much more energy efficient than an older model. Having your boiler serviced on an annual basis can have a huge impact on efficiency and heating costs. Other ways to mitigate costs can be to install thermostatic radiator valves that stop wasteful heating by employing temperature control and a timer.

Arroll radiators are a great and stylish way to heat your home. At The Period House Store,, we have a fantastic selection of period features for your home such as Arroll radiators. Visit us online today to see our selection. You can also contact our customer service team via 01748 821 500.