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Cast Iron Radiator Company Radiator Installation Tips

Cast iron radiator company installation tips and tricks are helpful when purchasing a new radiator to give your period property character. Cast iron radiators can look great, but plumbing them in might seem hard. Installing reproduction radiators needn’t be difficult or necessarily mean hiring specialist plumbers when you follow these tips.

Cast iron radiators aren’t suitable for use in secondary HSW circuits and should only be used on closed heating systems. After installation, the system should be flushed through and cleaned to remove any debris. If using a chemical agent, make sure to thoroughly flush the system. You should then apply an eminence water treatment to the radiator to prevent future corrosion. The most common problem in installing valves is over tightening of valve tails, which can lead to leaks. The over tightening causes cracks in the bush. Avoid this by turning the valve with a spanner till there is only moderate resistance. Unscrewing the bushes is uncommon but if you do need to, again go carefully to avoid cracking them either by over tightening or gripping too tightly with a spanner. The thread that screws into the cast iron radiator casing is the ‘male thread’ and unscrews anticlockwise. The ‘female’ thread is on the same side as the bleed valve and are the valve that the inlet or outlet will screw into. Wall stays are the last piece of the puzzle. These should be clamped in between 2 adjacent columns on the rear of the radiator. The threaded long rod should be cut so the radiator is close to the wall.

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