Cast Iron Radiators UK

Cast Iron Radiators UK - An Eye On The Past

Cast iron radiators UK based manufacturers and suppliers are growing in number. This original style of radiator was popularised in the late 19th and early 20th century. They were developed not only to perform a specific function, heating rooms, but also as decorative items to show off their owners' wealth and taste. It is not perhaps surprising these stylish radiators are enjoying a renaissance in the UK with its expertise in restoration and reproduction. How then do you choose the best cast iron radiators from the wide range available and how do you ensure you are using the best supplier?

Cast Iron Radiators - Choice, Quality And Style

UK cast iron radiators are made to the highest standards of safety and craftsmanship. When looking for a reputable supplier, you should ensure that they supply cast iron radiators UK manufactured and pressure tested. This is necessary because modern heating systems pump water under pressure from your boiler round the central heating pipes. Pressure testing will ensure that your new radiators do not split and spray hot water into your newly finished rooms or onto people who may be standing near them. As a mark of craftsmanship, you should look for a supplier who is confident enough in the products to offer long or lifetime guarantees. You should also look at the quality of the casting. Well-made radiators will not have sharp edges and, if they are ornately decorated, the decoration should be clean, crisp and part of the casting not stuck on afterwards. When selling traditional cast iron radiator UK based suppliers should also offer matching radiator valves and accessories so that the valves and supply pipes 'fit in' with the overall style of the radiators. Both manual hand-wheel and more modern thermostatic radiator valves, which switch the radiator on and off to maintain your chosen temperature, are available to match your chosen radiators. Finally, you should look at the range of available finishes on offer. A good supplier will offer their radiators 'pre-finished' in a range of different heritage colours, such as parchment white, anthracite, willow green and a range of finishes such as hand burnished, highlighted or aged.

An Alternative - Cast Iron Radiator Covers UK Style and Value

You don’t have to go through the disruption and expense caused by replacing or altering their central heating systems, to get that period look and feel. You can achieve this, or simply source a stylish alternative to cover up modern steel or aluminium radiators, by using cast iron radiator covers. Cast iron radiator covers UK made for quality and durability can be purchased with ease. They can be used on their own to cover modern radiators that do not fit in with a room's style or in conjunction with traditional Victorian style radiators. You might, for example, used a Victorian style radiator in your living room, but a cast radiator cover over a less visible radiator, for example in your hall. For safety and functionality, you should look for an iron radiator cover with a non-conductive top made of marble or a similar material that is not going to get very hot or warp and bend with the heat. Similarly, if you want the look and feel of a period radiator but either do not have central heating, or want extra heat in one room, cast iron electric radiators UK produced and checked to conform to the highest electrical safety standards can be purchased. These stylish heaters can be placed where extra heat is needed and only require a suitable socket to be available to plug them in. The Period House Store are experts in the field, supplying period style radiators, accessories, cast radiator covers and period styled electric heaters.

The Period House Store - Cast Iron Radiators UK Number One Supplier

The Period House Store is a reputable and expert cast iron radiators UK based supplier with 12 years' experience. All of our cast iron radiators are fully pressure checked (up to 10 bar) and supplied with a 10 year or lifetime guarantee. Our radiators are made by some of the top UK manufacturers. We also stock a full range of cast iron radiator valves and accessories as well as decorative cat iron radiator covers. To see our extensive range, why not visit us at Alternatively, why not contact our expert staff on 01748 821 500 or by email to