Radiator Cast Iron

Radiator Cast Iron - Hot Water Maintenance Tips

Radiator cast iron constructed, is just like any other piece of household equipment, it will need some care and attention to keep it in tip top condition. If your radiator is poorly maintained, it will gradually deteriorate and won’t heat your room as well. You should make sure you are maintaining them on a regular basis. But what should you be doing?

Cast iron radiators are extremely durable thanks to their material. As such, they have a much longer lifespan and it is possible to find (restored) examples of Victorian radiators that are still working. The two main focuses in radiator maintenance are bleeding it and lea. Bleeding a cast iron radiator refers to bleeding out any air that has accumulated inside the coils. An iron radiator is designed to be both air and water tight. However, air does sometimes seep in, in a variety of ways. When it does air in the system can seriously hamper water flow and lead to the circulator pump being put under much increased stress. You will notice this in reduced heat output. Bleeding is simple to do and should only be attempted when the heating system is off and has been given a chance to cool down. You can use the radiator vents, usually located near the top. Just (very, very slowly) turn the vent with a screwdriver or wrench to bleed any air out. Do go slowly to prevent a gush of any remain steam or hot water squirting out. Once there is a stable flow of water coming out the air has been completely drained.

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