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Radiators Cast Iron UK - Guide To Where To Position Your Radiator

Radiators cast iron UK manufactured; where is the best place to position them? Conventional wisdom suggests that you should position them directly under a window. This held true when windows were single glazed and allowed in cold air, but with double glazing almost ubiquitous is this still true?

In modern houses, where you position your cast iron radiators is much less important. These days most radiators are best placed in the coldest part of your room, whether or not this is under the windows. Larger spaces are more efficiently heated with two or more radiators positioned strategically around the room, as opposed to a single larger one. Builders and plumbers often recommend installing cast iron radiators UK manufactured, every four meters around the room. Other schools of thought suggest placing two smaller radiators either side of the largest window as well as larger one on the longest wall. When considering positioning, think about the space above and below the radiator. It is commonly recommended to leave a clearance of 50mm above the radiator and 100mm below. This way the heat from your radiator can be evenly distributed around the room. Radiators come in a range of shapes and sizes with either greater height, or greater width and lower heights. The type of radiator you choose to install will depend on the shape, space and height of your room. Smaller rooms with high ceilings may benefit more from a towel rail style radiator, allowing the heat to reach further up without expelling unnecessary energy overheating the rest of the room.

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