Traditional Cast Iron Radiators

Traditional Cast Iron Radiators - How To Fix Them When They Won’t Get Hot

Traditional cast iron radiators can sometimes breakdown. If every other radiator in your home is working, chances are the issue is with the radiator itself. Whilst there is often a very simple solution to fixing your stubborn radiator, you need to know what you are doing.

So, how do you fix a cold cast iron radiator? Firstly, there are two ends to the unit, where heat comes in and goes back out. The lockshield end is on what is called the return side - going back to the boiler. Use an adjustable spanner to open the lockshield valve one full turn. If you have a thermostatic valve at the other end of your radiator check this is also fully opened. If after doing this your cast iron radiators are still not hot, remove the TRV head exposing the pin. These sometimes get stuck in the shut position. Take a pair of pliers and wiggle the pin up and down to check if it is stuck and try to free it. If this doesn't work, there is a more advanced trick. Turn off the TRV and shut the lockshield, preventing water entering the system. Place a towel under the air bleed valve and open it releasing any built up air pressure. Then remove the assembly and connect a hose. Place the unattached end of the hose outside and open the TRV. Water should come out the top of the radiator and down the hose removing any air blockages in the system. If yours is a pressurised system, top up the pressure. Put everything back together and turn the radiator back on and it should now work.

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